CEV Women’s European Championship 2019 - hosts Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

  • You have a lot of haters too, how many years do you need to be next Zhu?:lol:

    If he were ever someone who gives a damn about that he wouldn’t bother himself to be here :lol: The more hates you get the more attentions you get, right?

  • Russia’s upcoming homework is pretty clear, they need Kosheleva-Scherban duo back. Goncha is no longer able to carry her team alone, she definitely needs some company to help her out. If possible and agreed by both side, A comeback of Malova would be great. Galkina is not such a digger to be honest, though her passing is still okayish, alright she sometimes makes errors but still for a Russian libero she’s solid. The biggest problem they should fix is Startseva, because I don’t think there’s anyone else left. Romanova is good but for the Olympics Russia will need the experienced one to play as starter.

    Re Malova, let's see how how she performs in Kazan this coming season. Hopefully next year Khodonova will be able to re join the NT, she is an upgrade over Scherban IMO but it remains to be seen what state she is in post-injury. Startseva and Romanova I think their spots are secured seeing as they both play in Kazan, I think Russia NT next year will mostly be a mini-Kazan of sorts: Startseva, Romanova, Koroleva, Malova, Kadochkina (if she is called)

  • not that it matters now, but how did GER even beat RUS?

    Russia that played in the GER match versus the Russia that played the succeeding matches are two different teams lol

    Fault lies with Russia not winning that match against GER, I would have wagered they would win against Poland with how they played against Italy today but it is what it is :wavy:

  • Russia that played in the GER match versus the Russia that played the succeeding matches are two different teams lol

    Fault lies with Russia not winning that match against GER, I would have wagered they would win against Poland with how they played against Italy today but it is what it is :wavy:

    I just read plenty of comments on Russian volley pages as an onlooker. I am not one of those people who are able to swear at head coach. I waited a bit more to share my opinion at the end of our adventure. Today, I've read Karpol's interview he implied that the preparation of our team wasn't enough and that's why probably Voronkova and Startseva seemed out of shape. If our legend said that the most likely he was right. Be4 game, Godina was the guest of match TV, she also shared her opinion even though her opinions sounded a bit harsh but honest. Probably that's why she is more liked here than Gamova because of being direct in her speech. RVF somehow blamed Pankov too. As a poker face, stone faced, cold blooded, reserved one what I can say that it wasn't capability of our players. who are or who is guilty Idk.

    I'm not gonna blame anyone but if we don't want to fly to Tokyo as a tourist next year, we must rethink about the failure, because tomorrow it will be late for that, we have one year for OGs, we won't have another chance for it.

  • Can't wait for Italy vs Serbia. I'm not sure about Italy's chances but I think the Italians will want "revenge" for last year. I have to say about the last game that I liked Malinov and Chirichè's performances; Malinov distibuted well after a bad start in the 1st set and was great at blocking, Cristina was very focused, I hope her blocking will be on point vs Serbia :box:

    Bosetti is not mentally ready to play, she's afraid to spike for her shoulder,so it's gonna be Sorokaite-Sylla, Lucia should be used as a defensive specialist,unless the others have a very bad game.

    Egonu needs to do less mistakes, She has a lot of responsabilities of course, but when she makes all those mistakes, the team collapses with her :gone:

    Mazzanti preferred even Fahr to Danesi in the last games, I think Danesi's confidence is under zero in this moment :gone:

  • I dont see Italy beating Serbia without Bosetti or without a player who has the same charastheristics like Lucia. For me, it would be a surprise. They do need a super inspired Egonu (and Sylla) in order to outweigh the lack of good reception/defense.

    I would hope to see Fahr as starter (I know it would not happen) or at least not waiting so much time in bench when one of the other MBs underperforms.

    For me, Terzic > Mazzanti.

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  • I'd say currently the Polish team is better tbh. They are in true form and have a complete team. Rus and Ned are quite confusing atm and no one has a locked spot, both systems have failed lately which is opposite with Poland.

    I agree with Joana, the current best 4 teams made it I think. Germany is a grower, they do miss Orthmann and Geerties needs to be more reliable at crucial times. Other than that they have pretty much catched up with the rest, for the middles there is still room for improvement.

    Both middles Schölzel and Weitzel are still young.

  • Gosh, I'm feeling so nostalgic now :lol: As I remember, Brakočević and Gruen, the team leaders all the way through the tournament, were both awful in the final. OTOH, Molnar and Brinker unexpectedly stepped up and took over for them, and yeah, it probably was the match of Molnar's life. And Malagurski (;() was a secret weapon in the end. Such a nerve-wrecking match it was. The semi against Turkey too.

    I think I remember correctly that Brakocevic had a fever that weekend.. for the semifinal and the final match too

  • How Poland can be on the same level that Germany when they won last couple of matches (like 5 or...) :white: I don't ever remember when Germany beat Poland last time?

    ECH '19 Poland wins 3-2

    VNL '18 '19 Poland wins both 3-1

    EO '15 Poland wins 3-2

    all friendlies won by Poland

    still Germany is better just Poland was lucky :whistle::rolll::rolll: actually Poland should win this 3-1 if they didn't let go their point advantage

    And if it comes to Russia - they lost to Germany so this is their fault to play Italy then :wavy:

  • I think I remember correctly that Brakocevic had a fever that weekend.. for the semifinal and the final match too

    Yes and also her hand injury it was getting worse, atmosphere in the Hall was incredible. Both of matches Serbia vs Turkey and Serbia vs Germany was unforgetable.

  • What I liked about Serbia yesterday was that they clearly did their homework and prepared for the match. Nasya Dimitrova was far less effective than in the previous match. The blocking and defence was much more on point. What I didn't like was that they didn't close out the third set earlier. However, there are two teams on the court, the Bulgarians were very resilient and they deserved to be rewarded with their mini-comeback.

    It's weird to see Veljković doing the slide, it must be something they're working on since I don't think she's done it in her whole career as much as she did at this tournament. It's clearly something neither she nor Maja are comfortable with and it looks clumsy AF, but hey, it even worked a couple of times!

    A fun fact: Mina Popović's stats in attack in set 1 and 2 combined: 0/1. Set 3: 7/8 :lol:

    I have no idea about the match against Italy, honestly. It could go either way. But in any case, this is the 5th straight time Serbia has reached the ECh semis, which is a nice achievement.

    Too bad the WCh in basketball is being played at the same time, and Serbia has a realistic chance of winning the gold, so the volleyball team is completely overshadowed. :(

  • Yeah it really was strange seeing Veljković slide, but let's be honest, better her than Popović or Aleksić :D

    Stevanović is missed, it was a really shitty thing she did, if it is true that she just ignored Terzić. I mean, she could have just said that she doesn't want to play for the NT this season, and it probably would have been fine. Now she won't even be called for OG next year and Serbia will be left with only Rašić to slide.

  • i hope ITA can: minimize hitting errors (egonu) and pass well (sorokaite); and block well as they did against RUS. that’s the only way they can beat SRB. in a way, i wish they would meet in the final instead of semi. oh well. good luck to all teams this weekend.